i Just got my Hypertech #32006 Programmer

i just got my hypertech programmer part number #32006 for my 2010 L99 Camaro,

when i got it out of the box i first put the installation CD in my computer and it would not load so i downloaded the software from Hypertech.com, after doing so i updated it and then plugged it into the car and set it to premium fuel, and disabled the AFM so i can run a straight V8 at all times, and i also disabled the throttle restriction, i did not change the rev. limiter values or the shift points because i was not sure what to do... so i had a friend do it for me later that night... i will mess with it some more and post a full details soon...

all i can tell you is that It's Alive!

we'll worth the money!


Darnell said...


I'm glad to read that you're enjoying your Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer. Did you also remove the WOT restriction? I know that can make a big difference in the feel of the car. If you have any questions be sure to let our tech department know.


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