My Camaro in Photoshop

Hey everyone, i was just messing around with a picture of my car in photoshop, this is what i got so far...

I think i like the way its coming out...

anyway let me explain what i got going on in this picture

first off i got a picture that was taken with my iphone of my car in the best buy parking lot (this picture can be found at the bottom of this post) so i opened it in photoshop and got the selector tool and selected the entire image with the following keyboard shortcuts (while holding down the Command button (on a mac, Control for windows)) A, X and then V

what that does is A (Select All), X (Cut), V (Paste)... and photoshop pasted the image into a new layer leaving the background layer blank, And so i deleted the background layer and then got the tracing tools and went to work on tracing my car and when i was done i used the following keyboard shortcuts (again while holding down the Command button on a mac, Control for windows)) A,C, and then V... i used C this time instead of X because i did not want to cut it i wanted to copy it and leave the original intact

i placed the new layer of just the car on top of all the other layers then i took my bottom layer (the background and duplicated that layer and i rendered some clouds and put some a color overlay with a low opacity the took the eraser and left just a little bit of clouds around the car and dropped the opacity down on that layer

and then i took my bottom layer and used the smudge tool to make the background you now see at the top of this post and then i took my car layer and added a glow...

then i used some filters

well that's about it

what do you think?


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