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Full ABL Dash and Doors

Another breakthrough with the ABL Mod!

A Member from found a new way to do your ABL Mod on your new 2010 Camaro
it seems to be easier but detailed instructions are not yet listed only photos

The ABL Lighting runs on the Top and Bottom of the Door and Dash inserts, Although it seems to be a bit bright there is no doubt that this is the best looking Mod for the ABL itself

i will update when instructions are posted!

i Just got my Hypertech #32006 Programmer

i just got my hypertech programmer part number #32006 for my 2010 L99 Camaro,

when i got it out of the box i first put the installation CD in my computer and it would not load so i downloaded the software from, after doing so i updated it and then plugged it into the car and set it to premium fuel, and disabled the AFM so i can run a straight V8 at all times, and i also disabled the throttle restriction, i did not change the rev. limiter values or the shift points because i was not sure what to do... so i had a friend do it for me later that night... i will mess with it some more and post a full details soon...

all i can tell you is that It's Alive!

we'll worth the money!

My Camaro in Photoshop

Hey everyone, i was just messing around with a picture of my car in photoshop, this is what i got so far...

I think i like the way its coming out...

anyway let me explain what i got going on in this picture

first off i got a picture that was taken with my iphone of my car in the best buy parking lot (this picture can be found at the bottom of this post) so i opened it in photoshop and got the selector tool and selected the entire image with the following keyboard shortcuts (while holding down the Command button (on a mac, Control for windows)) A, X and then V

what that does is A (Select All), X (Cut), V (Paste)... and photoshop pasted the image into a new layer leaving the background layer blank, And so i deleted the background layer and then got the tracing tools and went to work on tracing my car and when i was done i used the following keyboard shortcuts (again while holding down the Command button on a mac, Control for windows)) A,C, and then V... i used C this time instead of X because i did not want to cut it i wanted to copy it and leave the original intact

i placed the new layer of just the car on top of all the other layers then i took my bottom layer (the background and duplicated that layer and i rendered some clouds and put some a color overlay with a low opacity the took the eraser and left just a little bit of clouds around the car and dropped the opacity down on that layer

and then i took my bottom layer and used the smudge tool to make the background you now see at the top of this post and then i took my car layer and added a glow...

then i used some filters

well that's about it

what do you think?

Newly installed exhuast

i just installed exhaust on my 2010 Camaro 2SS/RS L99

i got 11" Magnaflow free flow exhaust, And i also removed the the resonator ( Silencer )

here are some videos

What i have planned

I plan after i get my parts and mod the dash ABL to work to go back into the doors for a little research and find out if its possible (which i think it is) and how to get the lighting to go from the bottom half of the inserts (across doors and dash)

But this is not something that will be done immediately due to lack of time... but it is a priority to me and i will keep you all posted

I ordered the parts to complete the Ambient Lighting (ABL) in the dash

I ordered the parts to complete the Ambient Lighting (ABL) in the dash
i should be getting them in a couple of day's so once i do i will be sure to do a write up on it along with some photos keep checking back

DIY Ambient (ABL) Lighting in door for 2010 Camaro



DIY Ambient (ABL) Lighting in door for 2010 Camaro

I am going to walk you through this tutorial step by step to get your Ambient Lighting to run across your entire door panel (all the way up to the dash, below you will find pictures and directions

i would have posted these in a camaro5 thread but i don’t know how to post pictures yet

So here you go i hope it helps! and i know you’ll love it because i do

Disclaimer: i am not responsible for any damage that may be done to your vehicle do this at your own risk(i have to say that)

This takes time so you will need to be patient i suggest to read everything before starting and print this page and have it as a manual as you are working

Start with a door panel :-)

And the first thing you want to do is remove three (3) screws

Between the door jam upper part of the panel

Under the door panel there are two screws

Now there are two more screws you will need a socket set and a L wrench

Remove the plastic insert where you put your hand to close the door from and you will find a screw remove it with a L wrench

There is a screw behind the door handle

Pull the handle open and use a flat head screw drive or a butter knife or something and place it in upper part of the insert and wedge it up (BE CAREFUL NOT TO SLIP AND SCRATCH YOUR INSERT)

This screw is deep in use a socket set to get to it

Now that you have all the screws out pull the door panel off

1. put you window down

2.start with the top put your fingers on the edge of the panel where the window go in and pull (it will start poping off)

3. follow it around pulling the sides and bottom

Now just remove the wires from the panel

put your hand under the tweeter and press the clip and putt the connection from the tweeter

remove the connection for the ABL Lighting

remove connection for Power windows

remove door handle connection (by pulling back the green clip and rotating it EASY)

it was HOT outside so i took the panel inside where there was COLD A/C :-)

The first thing you want to do is remove the top plastic piece you will need a torque screw

There are three (3) screws (clearly visible)

But after you remove the screws there are some plastic things still holding it down be careful but use a little force and you can pry it of with your hands (Pop them one at a time)

and they go right back on with a hard press

Fold back the foam to make your job easier

you can now see the ABL Lighting Tube, But it is supported down by some clips use a torque screw to remove them

Remove the Tube Stopper/Supporter

Push the tube over to clear your work area

Remove the fancy TAPE from the very technical door panel from GM’s Hottest most anticipated 2010 Camaro

Once the tape is removed you need to sand off the paint blocking the light from shining through

(i used a soft grit for the sake of research feel free to choose the kind to your liking)

BLUE AREA: it hard to get into this area due to the fact that work space is limited (i did not bother since you do not see this part when the door is closed but if you like GET CREATIVE)

This is what i used first

And let the sanding begin

Fold your sand paper and begin to sand back and forth applying pressure with your thumb or fingers to get into the grooves

Get creative:

I took a butter knife and wrapped some sand paper around it to get into the fine crack with a good amount of pressure

Once your satisfied start putting it all back together

Remember to push down firmly on these parts

These are the tools i used

QUICK TIP: to connect the tweeter back quickly and easily

Remove the screw from behind it pop it off feed the wire through the hole connect it and screw it back in place

Pop the panel back into place screw it all backup and your good to go!


i will post pictures of Finnish product tonight when we can see the light more clearly

Thanks for stopping by


(sorry for the bad photos its from my iPhone)

My 2010 Camaro

i just want to let everyone know that i bought a new 2010 Chevy Camaro 2SS with the RS package black with silver rally stripes

i always loved General Motors but they outdid themselves this time Chevrolet is the Best

you can find me at my username is Michael Cooper


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