Youtube Crash!

Youtube is not working it turns out they have some type of server error

see the photo below

Wonder what that could have been?

Upload longer videos to YouTube

We the every one is searching how to upload longer videos to YouTube

How us it that some times you see a video over a hour long

That because YouTube somtimes gives special Accounts to some people

How to get one beats me as for me I use it's really for live video but you can upload to it large/long videos and transfer all you YouTube videos

You can make a video to tell your dubscribers your moving or notify them by Twitter (your followers I mean)


you know i found that i like twitter alot, its a fantastic service and i am going to start you use it alot!

you can find me on twitter at @michaelcooperus

Anyway Thanks for reading my blog!

Happy Holidays!

Full ABL Dash and Doors

Another breakthrough with the ABL Mod!

A Member from found a new way to do your ABL Mod on your new 2010 Camaro
it seems to be easier but detailed instructions are not yet listed only photos

The ABL Lighting runs on the Top and Bottom of the Door and Dash inserts, Although it seems to be a bit bright there is no doubt that this is the best looking Mod for the ABL itself

i will update when instructions are posted!

i Just got my Hypertech #32006 Programmer

i just got my hypertech programmer part number #32006 for my 2010 L99 Camaro,

when i got it out of the box i first put the installation CD in my computer and it would not load so i downloaded the software from, after doing so i updated it and then plugged it into the car and set it to premium fuel, and disabled the AFM so i can run a straight V8 at all times, and i also disabled the throttle restriction, i did not change the rev. limiter values or the shift points because i was not sure what to do... so i had a friend do it for me later that night... i will mess with it some more and post a full details soon...

all i can tell you is that It's Alive!

we'll worth the money!

My Camaro in Photoshop

Hey everyone, i was just messing around with a picture of my car in photoshop, this is what i got so far...

I think i like the way its coming out...

anyway let me explain what i got going on in this picture

first off i got a picture that was taken with my iphone of my car in the best buy parking lot (this picture can be found at the bottom of this post) so i opened it in photoshop and got the selector tool and selected the entire image with the following keyboard shortcuts (while holding down the Command button (on a mac, Control for windows)) A, X and then V

what that does is A (Select All), X (Cut), V (Paste)... and photoshop pasted the image into a new layer leaving the background layer blank, And so i deleted the background layer and then got the tracing tools and went to work on tracing my car and when i was done i used the following keyboard shortcuts (again while holding down the Command button on a mac, Control for windows)) A,C, and then V... i used C this time instead of X because i did not want to cut it i wanted to copy it and leave the original intact

i placed the new layer of just the car on top of all the other layers then i took my bottom layer (the background and duplicated that layer and i rendered some clouds and put some a color overlay with a low opacity the took the eraser and left just a little bit of clouds around the car and dropped the opacity down on that layer

and then i took my bottom layer and used the smudge tool to make the background you now see at the top of this post and then i took my car layer and added a glow...

then i used some filters

well that's about it

what do you think?

Newly installed exhuast

i just installed exhaust on my 2010 Camaro 2SS/RS L99

i got 11" Magnaflow free flow exhaust, And i also removed the the resonator ( Silencer )

here are some videos


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